Introducing Creative Lounge

Welcome to Creative Lounge Virtual Co-Working Space

Welcome to Creative Lounge!

Creative Lounge is a virtual co-working space for online entrepreneurs and digital content creators. Think of it as a “mini-mastermind” to work alongside one another, share your ideas, and show your support. It’s built to encourage authentic engagement, provide community, and inspire growth through every season of business.⠀
The idea of Creative Lounge came to me when I found myself working from home, feeling isolated, and looking for a co-working space that was affordable and easy to access. Spoiler Alert: I came up empty handed.⠀
The only co-working space that aligned with my values and my budget was a time-and-cost intensive multi-public transport trip away from the comfort of my home. If I decided to take make the trek, there was one key component I’d be leaving behind: My multi-monitor beast of a design desktop. There was no easy solution.⠀
My own troubles revealed a few confronting truths: Many entrepreneurs and small business owners feel the same sense of isolation that I do, there aren’t a lot of affordable options in terms of local co-working spaces, for myself and others, and the vast majority of business bosses who’d benefit from this kind of space might not be within convenient reach of one.⠀

So, Creative Lounge was born! I’ve built the Lounge in a Discord server that provides text and voice channels open to members 24/7. Our community is home to events like guest seminars, movie nights, podcast shares, exclusive live classes, mastermind sessions, and so much more! Best of all, a basic membership will ALWAYS be free. I want this to be a place that’s accessible for anyone who’d benefit from the value we plan to share.⠀
I say WE because I’m depending on our future members to shape the face of Creative Lounge with ideas, inspiration, and the kind of value you need RIGHT NOW. Does this sound like something you desperately NEED right now?! Scan the QR Code or click the banner below to join!

Your All Access Key Card into Creative Lounge  | Scan the QR code to join!

What is Discord?

Discord is a private chatroom platform that allows for multiple voice and text channels, subject-designated chat rooms, screen sharing, shared streaming, and more… all within the space of Creative Lounge! It functions a lot like Slack, with a few more bells and whistles. Unlike Slack, it’s completely free to use!
I discovered Discord as a hobby gamer and I’ve been hanging out in different chatroom’s while plugging away at design work for years! The platform is heavily marketed towards gamers, but I’ve always wondered why it was so severely underutilized by other markets… like, entrepreneurs.
…Especially when the same kind of software is often marketed for us, with fewer bells and whistles, at significantly higher price points. Discord is an amazing platform to uncover, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Creative Lounge: September

This month, we have a series of amazing events ahead of us! Check out the entire lineup below.

  • Business Audit Planning Party | Tuesday, 09.15.20 at 4:00pm Est/3:00pm CT | Leading up to this event, we’ll collaborate to share auditing resources and insight. Join us to start putting some of your Audit plans into action!
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  • Canva Co-Working Session | Thursday, 09.17.20 at 11:00am Est/10:00am CT | After our 09.10 Canva crash course, we’ll be doing some Canva co-work to tackle some designs together! Ask for feedback over live stream or simply show up to see what other members are creating!
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  • Our First Movie Night featuring Black Panther in Remembrance of Chadwick Boseman | Wednesday, 09.23.20 at 8:30pm Est/7:30 CT | We’re paying tribute to the life and the career of Chadwick Boseman with a Creative Lounge viewing of Black Panther at 8:30pm Est. Bring your popcorn, your favorite beverage, and get cozy with your Creative Lounge fam. I’ve included a link for a petition to help provide Medicare to All through Peoples Action for anyone whose inspired to impact change in the spirit of Chadwick Boseman and the Black Panther film.
    RSVP Here: Mark Your Calendar: Petition:
  • Community Spotify Playlist: Monday Motivation | Monday, 09.28.20 at 12:00pm Est/11:00 CT-3:00pm Est/2:00 pm CT | Share your favorite Motivational jams in the Challenge chat all month long. We’re talking favorite workout warm-ups and feeling-yourself-style anthems! All of your submissions will be added to a public playlist you’ll forever have access to when you need a little boost of Motivation.
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  • Let It Go: How to Surrender & Create Effortless Flow in Your Life & Biz with Cara Mendez | Monday, 09.21.20, 4:00pm Est/3:00pm CT | Join us with Cara Mendez at 4:00pm Est. Learn how to identity when you need to surrender and how to use it create alignment, reduce resistance, pain and suffering and allow more ease in all aspects of your life and business.
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    Cara’s Website:
  • Strengthening Foundations through Money, Mindset, Magick | Tuesday, 09.30.20 at 4:00pm Est/3:00 CT | Join us with Tiffany FitzPatrick at 4:00pm Est. Combining financial independence tips with basics of shadow work self & highest soul expression self to strengthen the foundation we build our personal life AND business life upon. A strong foundation gives way to a stronger structure and a stronger future.
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About the Call to Action Challenge

These are a series of small challenges designed to serve a few purposes: to offer accountability, encourage engagement, integrate lessons from Creative Lounge events, and to amplify our Guest Speakers!

There’s no obligation for members to participate in these challenges. Participants are welcome to be as active or passive as they choose to be. In completing these challenges, members accrue points that make them eligible for Creative Lounge quarterly giveaways!

September’s Call to Action

01. Audit Your Business (9 Points): Invest the time to perform an Audit for your business. If you’re not sure where to get started, we got you! Lean on fellow Creative Lounge members and be sure to attend our Community Auditing Event for tips and support. Consider auditing aspects like your brand (visuals, values, and voice), your website, your copy, social media platforms, content, email lists, file management, systems, and internal workflows. Share your best auditing advice all month long!

02. Audit your Language (4 Points): Research Black, Indiginous, Ableist, and Gendered language. Do your research on words like womxn, folx, tribe, gypsy, and spirit animal. Explore the definition and the cultural context of these words by examining controversy around them. Take inventory on how you use language in your business based on this research. Perform a copy audit. Share your finds so we can learn together.

Ally Potrebka of The Prism Light House

This CTA Challenge was inspired by the insight Ally provided at her 08/20 event, How to Use Virgo Season Energy in Your Business by The Prism Light House. Earn points for this CTA Challenge in Creative Lounge!

Stay Connected with Ally!
Instagram: @theprismlighthouse

3. Establish Mantras: We’re going to infuse our day-to-day with powerful mantras that help to move us forward. Start to think about the sensory experiences that impact your mood. D20 Theory founder Kelly Courtney has encouraged us to explore how we can expand our understanding of mantras and affirmations beyond words alone to all five of our senses.

Kelly Courtney of D20 Theory

This CTA Challenge was inspired by the insight Kelly provided at her 08/22 event, Developing Personal Mantras by D20 Theory. Earn points for this CTA Challenge in Creative Lounge!

Stay Connected with Kelly!
Instagram: @d20theory
Facebook: d20theory
Pinterest: d20theory

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September 15, 2020

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