Brand Debut: D’Andrea Concrete Designs

Kiss Creative Brand Debut | D'Andrea Concrete Designs Primary Logo: Minimalist, brutalist, and modern.

Domenic D’Andrea is a master of concrete. His family has been working with the material for generations. As a true craftsman, Domenic honors that legacy and he applies his own unique, artistic approach. This was my primary source of inspiration in redesigning the brand for his modern concrete home decor company, D’Andrea Concrete Designs.

It was important to honor these traditions in his life and to create visuals that would distinguish D’Andrea Concrete Designs in a league of its own. I was influenced by the textures of his work, and the modern spaces his home decor is designed to occupy and inspire.

The Final Mood Board

Brand Launch: D'Andrea Concrete Designs | Kiss Creative 
| Brand Mood Board – inspired by function and style.

The monochromatic color story we’ve created is a reflection of the versatility in Domenic’s work; designed to serve multiple functions, and compliment most decor. It conveys an underlying warmth that was important to communicate through the tones and textures we’ve included. Concrete can be cold and brutal in appeal. In contrast, Domenic’s work serves as an opportunity to introduce style and function into the home. It was important for me to bridge that gap in the look and feel we’ve curated for his brand.

Brand Launch: D'Andrea Concrete Designs | Kiss Creative 
| Brand Mood Board – inspired by function and style.

The Logo Concepts

The type treatments implemented draw inspiration from the artistic elements featured in Domenic’s original brand designs. Prioritizing strong, familiar, and flexible typefaces was a priority of mine. I aimed to embrace minimalism without compromising on interest.

Brand Launch: D'Andrea Concrete Designs | Kiss Creative | 8 different primary logo concepts.

The Final Logos   

In the end, Domenic and I drew inspiration directly from the signature inlay pattern featured in his work now. This detail is likely to change over time, but this logo will always be a reflection of where he’s started. Domenic has come into his own style as an artist, he’s taken the opportunity to differentiate himself from family tradition; yet, he honors his roots every step of the way.

Brand Launch | D'Andrea Concrete Designs Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, and the Unique and Iconic Mark.

The Final Brand Identity

Brand Launch: D'Andrea Concrete Designs | Kiss Creative | Brand Board and Style Guide. Graphic design for entrepreneurs. Logo design. Marketing Strategy.

Highlighting the detail and craftsmanship that’s prioritized in Domenic’s creative process was a focus of mine moving into the website design and construction. His custom ShowIt website is formatted for e-commerce sales with the help of Shopify Lite. It’s designing to let his work shine.

Custom ShowIt E-Commerce Website Design | D'Andrea Concrete Designs |

Kiss Creative style is especially feminine, but Domenic trusted me with his vision despite this indication in my own visual branding. Overall, his brand is a stunning addition to my portfolio. I’m thrilled to support him in his dream, and I’m so proud of the brand we’ve created.

Shop D'Andrea Concrete Designs | Modern, handmade concrete home decor.

Photography by Jonathan Luckenbaugh for Kiss Creative

If you’re a fan of Domenic’s work, please take a moment to click on to his new ShowIt website and browse the home decor shop. The complete collection includes something for everyone. Domenic’s handmade concrete home decor is the perfect gift for a stylish, modern, and minimalist home-decor lover in your life.

Domenic is one of my Full-On Identity brand design clients. Our work together includes a full-scale brand design – from the logo, the website, to everything in between. If you’re ready to see your vision and your expertise reflected in your brand, click the link below to schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call.


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March 30, 2020

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