Brand Debut: Brand Basics for GenesisWP Tuneup

Kiss Creative Brand Debut | GenesisWP Tuneup Primary Logo: Clean, simple, fun, refreshing, and energizing.

I’m so excited to debut the brand strategy behind the Brand Basics identity for owner and developer, Katrina Martin, of GenesisWP Tuneup.

Katrina is the owner and founder of Riot Customs, where she specializes in Genesis WordPress development. In her work at Riot Customs, Katrina recognized an apparent need among the clients she serves. Introducing GenesisWP Tuneup, an extension of Riot Customs providing monthly maintenance services and support to WordPress sites, through Genesis and beyond — including other frameworks such as Divi and Showit. 

The Final Mood Board

Brand Launch: GenesisWP Tuneup | Kiss Creative 
| Brand Mood Board | Brand Identity Design & Inspiration | Clean, fun, energizing, and organized.
Brand Launch: GenesisWP Tuneup | Kiss Creative 
| Brand Mood Board | Brand Identity Design & Inspiration | Clean, fun, energizing, and organized.

If you know me, you know I’m passionate about capturing personality in brand design. I believe it’s the key to unlocking irresistible confidence as business owners! Katrina and I have networked to support one another in business before we collaborated on this project. That connection provided me with tons of inspiration to capture Katrina’s personality — fun, colorful, bold, and completely unique — in the GenesisWP Tuneup brand.

We prioritized clean and simple design, allowing her talent for website development to shine in the flexibility this consideration creates. I also pulled influence and inspiration from parent brand, Riot Customs, to create a sense of hierarchy and connection between both projects. This is evident in all occurrences of the blue tone in her color palette, and some of the font selections from the initial conceptions for her brand.

The Logo Concepts

My initial concepts feature a mix of serif and sans-serif font options in the color palette we solidified during our initial Style Discovery phase. While font options differed, all choices featured bold choices that married well with a responsive approach to logo design. Responsiveness was especially a priority given Katrina’s expertise in website development.

Brand Launch: GenesisWP Tuneup | Kiss Creative | 6 different logo concepts | Logo Design and Inspiration

The Final Logo Designs

In the end, I presented Katrina with some tough choices between strong contenders. However, intuition led her to the final logo design, seen below. This logo was designed to nod to wireframes. Wireframes are website designs typically provided to a developer by a designer, pre-construction. Katrina and I are currently collaborating in that capacity, as we speak! The inclusion of this accent in her final logo design is pretty special.

Brand Launch | GenesisWP Tuneup's wireframe inspired Primary Logo | Logo Design and Inspiration

The Final Brand

You can find the final brand in action on the GenesisWP Tuneup website, where Katrina is hitting the ground running with her Brand Basics designs for GenesisWP Tuneup. I absolutely adore collaborating with Katrina, and I’m so excited to see how GenesisWP Tuneup grows.

Brand Launch: GenesisWP Tuneup | Kiss Creative | Brand Board and Style Guide. Graphic design for entrepreneurs. Logo design and inspiration. Website design and development.

GenesisWP Tuneup is one of my Brand Basics design clients. We’ve collaborated to develop the brand strategy behind her new logo design. Our work together includes my style discovery process, responsive logo design, and a comprehensive brand standards guide to lay the foundation for a brand that stands the test of time. If you’re ready to see your vision and your expertise reflected in your brand, click the link below to schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call.

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July 31, 2020

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