Brand Launch: Jen Masson Nutrition

Last February, I published THIS blog article sharing my experience with the ketogenic diet. I included an infographic based on the expertise I had to offer! That’s how Jennifer Masson found me. She’s a certified nutritionist and an independent Pruvit distributor. She helps her clients to live healthier lives and navigate difficulties or setbacks they may experience in wellness and weight loss. Through applying her extensive knowledge of the ketogenic lifestyle, she provides a solution-based approach. Her expertise improves the lives of her clients through coaching, resources, and proven supplementation.

The ketogenic lifestyle is a huge part of my life. That’s something we have in common! I was immediately struck by Jen’s extensive knowledge. She REALLY knows her stuff, and she shows up delivering on that value with a drive and ambition that continues to inspire me through our time working together. Best of all, she has fun doing it. Her regular content is proof of the incredible work she’s doing!

Pink Athletic Top | Palms | Handlettering | Flamingos | Pineapple | Icons
Lemon Water | Text Graphic | Lounge

As a nutrition coach, Jen helps her clients achieve results and build confidence! That help dismantles the intimidation they may feel in tackling the ketogenic lifestyle on their own. I wanted to create branding that was as warm and approachable as her sunny Florida disposition. I also wanted to maintain an appearance that’s polished enough to reflect the results that Jen Masson promises to achieve. We pulled inspiration from brands like Anthropology and Lauren Conrad to curate the final mood board, pictured above. I combined soft, feminine pastel pinks with warm sunset shades, beachy accents, and watercolored illustrations. Jennifer loved it, and so do I.

The Logo Concepts

The logos include a hand-lettered script and a serif font. The main logo includes a lightly distressed paint stroke – promoting the fresh, natural, and approachable feel I was hoping to convey.  The forest green shade is rich enough to be easily understood on a variety of colored backgrounds, but the raspberry pink is fun enough to maintain the bright feel that’s essential to the Jennifer Masson rebrand.

I used the same script font in the sublogo, adding a lightly distressed brush effect to the text itself and the area directly below. This effect was added translate the fresh and natural feel provided by the main logo, maintaining that continuity. The sublogo is pictured in white on a warm orange background. It can be applied to any background color for ease of use and optimal flexibility.

Overall, I’m so excited about this brand launch. Jen Masson is a keto rockstar. I’m so glad we got to work together and I can’t wait to keep supporting Jennifer in her vision and the incredible content she produces.

The Final Brand Identity

If you’re a fan of the work I’ve created and you’re ready to take inspired action in your business, click the link below to schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call to explore your branding options!

July 27, 2018

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