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Yay – It’s finally here! I’m happy, I’m relieved, I’m excited, and I’m proud to launch the new online headquarters for Kiss Creative. Building my own design business and helping other girl bosses conquer their goals has been a longtime dream of mine. This is the best way I could kick off 2017. I can’t wait to make it a year to remember. Thank you for all of your support and inspiration along the way! It makes my job a piece of cake.

Designers are notoriously self-critical and decisive. It’s a necessary component of doing what we do! I’m no exception. We all have our own inner critics, and I’m easily my own toughest client. Maybe you can relate!

That’s why it’s doubly important to put our clients first. In fact, that’s a key component to building an effective brand strategy. I took a lot of time to research the kind of woman I love to work with. Building a brand to attract my ideal client really simplified the experience, turning the tough calls into obvious choices.

“Building a brand to attract my ideal client really simplified the experience, turning the tough calls into obvious choices.” Click to Tweet

I learned that my audience is ambitious, colorful, creative, fun-loving, and empowered. I’m looking at you girl boss! I reflected those themes back into my brand the bright and eclectic moodboard I assembled below.

Bubblegum Babe | Neon IllustrationTeal Packaging | Cards | Tablescape

I usually offer my clients three solid logo concepts. It’s just enough to give them direction and options, but not so much that it leads to overwhelm or confusion. Designing for my own business fast-tracked that process completely! I knew exactly what I wanted, and I was confident in my ability to produce that result. The logo is simple, versatile and fun. It was easy to translate those characteristics into a submark that functions in the same way. I want my client work to be the real show stopper, so it was important to create an identity that’s not overstated.

After designing my business cards, I had them printed at and I’m so satisfied with how they turned out. This photo looks like a digital render, but it’s actually a photo I styled and shot in my at-home studio! I’m looking forward to implementing photo services in my design business.

Wanna see how the Squarespace website design turned out? You’re on it! Just have a look around. I can’t wait to keep updating, tweaking, and adding new features. I love Squarespace because it’s so easy to build on once the basics are all laid out. That’s why I think you’ll love it, too.

Are you ready to build your beautiful online face?! It’s time to start crafting that online empire, and I’m here to help! Click the graphic below to grab my FREE guide. I’m going to help you slay your brand strategy so you can build the virtual headquarter of your dreams. Join me now!

November 12, 2016

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