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brand basics

brand basics

I DO! I'm Allie and I'm a graphic designer. I've helped dozens of ambitious business owners navigate brand design, strategy, and direction. I've got an obsession for working to capture the essence of who you are so you can attract the clients you're meant to serve. I prioritize organization and consistency to create the polished visual presence your audience craves. 


You’re over half-hearted Fiverr commissions and DIY graphics that just "get the job done." You know consistency is key. Building a reputation without an established brand identity is like swimming upstream without a paddle. You can't DIY your way to the top.

Your Canva edits aren't generating revenue. Stop hustling time and effort for quick-fix graphics and short-term solutions. Together, we'll establish your signature aesthetic. I'll build a tool kit designed to make marketing effortless. In the end, I'll show you how to implement on auto-pilot. After six weeks, you'll walk away with all of the essentials to lay a strong foundation for branding your small business.

• Brand Discovery 101
• Primary Logo & Secondary Logo
• Color Palette
• Font Combinations
• Custom Brand Style Guide
• Custom Patterns + Accents
• Three revision rounds

Brand Basics is a 6-WEEK design package for business owners who want to sustain growth and get established. Together, we'll create the visual framework for your entire business.

brand basics

"You definitely have 'the eye'. You have done an amazing job. You demonstrate great energy and performance. The work you've created is beautiful."

-KRISTIE SCHRAM photography

Allie listened carefully to my needs, and immediately understood my overall vision. As expected, I was blown away! Her nurturing and giving spirit far outweighs her natural artistic talent. She is a true creative gem! And, I absolutely love my step and repeat!


"My brand lacked an overall sense of cohesiveness. I had a difficult time accurately conveying the look I was after. Allie swooped in and saved the day! She worked within tight deadlines and ultimately created a beautiful set of brand assets that I’m thrilled to use in my business. Allie is very organized, timely and has outstanding creative skills. I recommend her highly."

-lesli bitel, master nutrition coach

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Exactly what to expect when you press that big pink button...

Once your designs have been approved, I deliver your new digital toolbox. You'll be equipped wit everything you need. If you decide to, we'll book a time to sit down and go over your brand standards guide, and answer any questions you might have!

Take your designs and run with them! This process will give you the framework for all of your visual branding moving forward. Defining your brand makes it easy to convey your presence  between clients, followers, and employees alike.

Approve and finalize

unveil your graphics

We can head back to the drawing board as many as three times. I implement any changes necessary! Designing, tweaking, and repeating is all part of the process. We'll continue to design for your brand until your digital toolbox is complete.

Revise & Refine

This is the fun part. I begin to develop a unique mark for your brand. I test what feels like hundreds of fonts and compositions to develop logos that stand the test of time (and application). I draft my concepts into presentations designed for easy approval.

design and develop

You'll complete a Q&A that informs my own research. That information is drafted into an in-depth creative brief and mood board. During this phase, we solidify the visual style that will inform all of our branding decisions moving forward.

style discovery

We often kick things off with a 15-minute Discovery Call to explore our options and get familiar with one another! I love to learn about your goals so I can better serve you right from the start. Tight deadline? Secret phone shyness? We can always skip it.


my process

Clients want to know, “What if I’m not satisfied?” My entire process revolves around ensuring your satisfaction and our mutual success! I collect data from your business, your clients, and your greatest inspirations. I send a check in email every week. My designs are cemented by your feedback. Our payment plan is fueled by progress and approvals. I’m so sure this will never be an issue, we can dissolve our contact at any time.

protection for both of us

key features

After your new brand identity is complete, you have the option to book a free strategy call. I’ll walk you through you my entire process, discuss your brand standards, and provide tips and recommendations for implementation. I love to provide my clients with everything from customized education, preferred print resources, to branded client gift recommendations. This step is truly tailored to you!

free coaching session

key features

The Kiss Creative process was designed to conserve your time - all of our due dates are clear, approvals are to the point, and there’s no unnecessary check-in’s or extraneous video calls. Let’s skip the fluff. We’re gonna do the damn thing!

designed with ceo's in mind

key features

Dubsado is my favorite project management system! It allows me to automate everything from emails to invoices. It equips you with a unique client portal where you can access the entire project at a glance! You’ll have access to our emails, open invoices, and incomplete forms at the click of a button.

made possible by dubsado

key features

Pay with 3 easy installments!
Secure your spot with a deposit of just $400 today.

Only 4 spots open! Secure your spot today!


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Business owners who haven't started to research their industry or their ideal client for an entry-level market understanding
Entrepreneurs who are likely to pivot business plans sometime in the next 12-months

Brand Basics is not for...

Entrepreneurs just breaking out and seasoned pro's looking to pivot
 Small business owners formulating a vision for the future
You should have a solidified business name, tagline, and a decent understanding of your ideal client or target market before you book Brand Basics!

Brand Basics was created for...

let's chat

A: Two easy payments of $400 will be spaced out over the next six weeks! You will make a payment after your first round of logos are delivered, approximately 3 weeks into the project. Once all of your brand designs are complete and approved, you'll make your final payment of $400. Beyond the deposit, every stage of our project is dependent on your approval moving forward. It's that easy!

A: All payments made to Kiss Creative are non-refundable. However, my process is engineered for your satisfaction! Our progress is fueled by your feedback and approval. If you're unsatisfied with our progress at any point in our working relationship, we may dissolve our contract and move on — no hard feelings!

A: Before you hire me, you should have formed a good understanding of your target market and your ideal client. You should be ready to provide any necessary photos or brand copy (think headshots, past photoshoots, and taglines). I will not supply ANY written copy or original photographed images. In the event that you're unable to supply written copy, Lorem Ipsum will be used. In the event that you're unable to supply photographs, filler images will be used. I'm unable to help with implementing original material outside of our process together, but I'm happy to provide resources! 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Pay with 3 easy installments!
Secure your spot with a deposit of just $400 today.

There are just 4 spots left for the next six months. Secure your spot right now.


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